Why Trust Posada® Mexican Foods


A Long History of Quality

The Mexican foods category began with Butcher Boy Food Products in 1950 as a small, family-owned meat-grinding outfit in Riverside, Calif. In the early 1960s, Butcher Boy saw potential profitability by expanding the food line into burritos and other Mexican foods. Eventually, it grew to be the largest supplier of frozen Mexican foods in the food service industry and acquired competitive brands such as Marquez.


In the 1970s, Butcher Boy began selling wrapped burritos. Back then, each burrito was filled by hand with an ice-cream scoop. And while many burritos are still handmade today, volume and speed have increased dramatically to an average of one million burritos being manufactured per day.


Plate of foodservice Mexican Chicken Nacho Bites with Guacamole in a restaurant setting

Expanding the Brand

The POSADA® brand was introduced in 1980 to serve a new premium, upscale market niche that redefined the frozen Mexican food service industry, shifting the product focus from cost to quality. Soon after, the company’s geographical coverage was expanded nationally from its previous focus on the Southwestern United States, and POSADA® grew quickly into one of the most premium frozen Mexican foods products in the U.S.