Plate of foodservice Mexican Food Chicken Enchiladas with Rice and Black Bean Salsa in a restaurant setting

Mexican Food Becoming More Popular, Industry Revenues Rising

Numerous studies have shown that not only is Mexican food already extremely popular in the United States, but interest is steadily on the rise due to an increasing immigrant population, domestic adaption of Mexican food (e.g. Tex-Mex), and other factors. For those who love Mexican food, that’s very exciting!

Additionally, statistics show that industry revenues are increasing and expected to surge for at least the next 5 years, which is a good sign for both existing Mexican restaurants as well as operators looking to launch new restaurants.

Since we know that consumer demand is there, it’s important for Mexican restaurants to differentiate themselves from the crowd by providing good food, innovative offerings, and top notch customer service. And to help restaurants succeed, we at Posada are here to help.

Whether you’re looking to expand your menu offering with healthier options (gluten-free, whole grain, etc.), have a wider variety of products on your menu or create totally new products on a large scale (for restaurants with multiple locations), we are more than happy to discuss your needs and work together to deliver dishes your customers will love and return for.