Plate of foodservice Mexican Beef and Bean Burritos in a restaurant setting

Individually Wrapped Burritos: A College Staple

Every day throughout the United States there are millions of hungry college students on tight budgets that crave easy and satisfying meals, which is why individually wrapped burritos have become so popular (along with ramen, mac and cheese, etc.).

At Posada, we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to provide colleges and universities throughout the country with burritos, chimichangas and other Mexican foods for many years. While doing so we realized that students want more options, including healthier options, which we used as inspiration for creating new products.

Aside from the classics like bean and cheese burritos, we now offer a line of whole grain burritos that are getting rave reviews from students as well as foodservice directors on college campuses. As a company that’s heavily focused on innovation based on consumer interests, the positive feedback is welcome news.

We are going to continue our mission of finding fun, new dishes that students enjoy, so be on the lookout for future announcements!